Unique handcrafted accessories inspired by nature

Made in Iceland



Natural dyes

Charma dyes all fabrics with natural dyes derived from nature, without the use of toxic chemicals.

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Silk is a sustainable, luxurious, strong, durable, lightweight, shiny, natural, biodegradable and feels like a dream on the skin.

I work with ethically made and high quality silk fabrics.

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Charma jewelry is made with gold filled findings, natural stones and seashells hand picked from the Icelandic nature, horsehair, naturally dyed silk, recycled glass beads, gemstone beads and pearls.

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How to care for your naturally dyed textiles?

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Meet the maker

Hi, My name is Emma Charlotta

... and I'm the creator of Charma. Welcome to my shop!

All products are designed and handmade by me.

I am very passionate about nature and expressing myself through working with my hands. I have a degree in clothing design and -manufacture and cosmetology.

My goal is to offer joyful little pieces to brighten our everyday lives and to share my enthusiasm about using natures resources in a sustainable way.

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