Jewelry care


Gold filled is an actual layer of real gold that has been bonded to another metal with high heat and pressure. The jewelry piece has to have solid gold content of at least 5% of its total weight, otherwise it’s not classed as gold filled. Gold filled jewelry is a good quality, more affordable alternative to solid gold. 


If you care for gold filled jewelry properly, it will last you a life time. Caring for gold filled jewelry is not too much different from caring for other types of fine jewelry. Gold filled jewelry is similar to solid gold and can get scratched and dirty with normal wear so be sure to keep away from hard surfaces to prevent scratching.

Some tips:

  • Clean regularly using warm water to wash and a soft cloth to pat dry. Never rub it after washing as this can cause discoloring.
  • Avoid wearing your gold filled jewelry in the ocean or swimming pools, as the salt water and chlorine can cause damage.
  • Keep your gold filled jewelry as dry as possible.
  • Make sure you store it individually as rubbing against other jewelry can cause it to lose its sheen.
  • Be mindful that cosmetics and other chemicals, like perfume, hairspray, lotions, cleaning agents and detergents may tarnish your gold filled jewelry due to the harsh chemicals they contain.
  • Gently wipe your gold filled piece with a jewelry polishing, non-scratch cloth every now and again to promote shine.