The jewelry

Craftsmanship meets elegance with gold-filled findings and natural stones. Every piece of jewelry is a reflection of our dedication to quality and beauty. The delicate balance between precious metals and the allure of nature's stones creates stunning adornments that capture the essence of Iceland's captivating landscapes.

At Charma, we embark on a journey into Iceland's pristine nature to source the finest materials for our jewelry. Handpicked seashells from the Icelandic coast infuse our pieces with a touch of oceanic splendor, while horsehair adds an enchanting element inspired by the island's powerful equine heritage.

As stewards of the environment, sustainability is at the core of Charma's values. We embrace eco-consciousness by using recycled materials like glass beads that breathe new life into discarded materials, reducing waste and preserving nature's resources. Gemstone beads and pearls, cherished for their timeless allure, complement our designs, weaving stories of their own into the tapestry of Charma jewelry. Each creation is a celebration of nature's wonders, a harmonious fusion of artistry and reverence for the Icelandic landscape.