Sustainability is an important value in all we do at Charma. Sustainability is a very wide concept which includes many different aspects. We're always evolving and doing better for our mother earth! 

Some things we do to make our business more sustainable:

  • We like to incorporate secondhand materials into our products, like glass beads bought at the local second hand shop run by the Icelandic Red Cross organisation.
  • We only use natural textiles like silk, wool, linen, hemp.
  • The elastic inn our scrunchies is made of organic cotton and natural rubber - NO plastic! :)
  • Packaging materials are natural, recycled, recyclable, biodegradable and sometimes even compostable!
  • We keep our packaging and shipping materials simple to avoid unnecessary waste.
  • We favor buying our materials from small businesses with similar ethical and sustainable values as ours.
  • Certifications we look for in our materials are Fairtrade, GOTS and Oekotex among others.
  • However, many small businesses do not have the resources to pay for the expensive certificates even tough their operation would fill the requirements for a certificate.
  • Naturally dyeing fabrics is an eco-act by itself by minimizing the chemical load in textile production. Read more HERE.