Charma is a one-woman business located in East Iceland. Products include botanically dyed silk scarves, scrunchies, headbands and handcrafted jewelry with natural materials.

My name is Emma Charlotta and I am the owner of CharmaThe love of nature and beautiful things has brought me to this path of finding a more natural way of living. I naturally dye and ecoprint natural fibers. Mainly silk because of its amazing qualities. Creating beautiful little items to bring the joy of nature into your everyday lives.

I am educated as a clothing and textile artisan and a cosmetologist. Through my experience in these fields I´ve seen the amount of harmful chemicals that are sadly normalized in our society. Many of which are bad both for our body and the environment.


My goals are:

  • Bringing the joy of nature into your hands
  • Helping customers connect with nature
  • Offering beautiful but eco-friendly products
  • Finding beauty in the little things
  • Sustainability
  • Equality
  • Protection of nature
  • Quality


The scrunchie

Charma scrunchies are a stylish and eco-friendly hair accessory. The fabric is naturally dyed silk. The hair tie inside is biodegradable, made from natural rubber and organic cotton. Even the sewing thread is organic cotton.

100% plastic-free!

Scrunchies, especially the satin ones are gentle on the hair preventing breakage and frizziness.

A favorite amongst the Curly Girl Method.



Charma jewelry is all about celebrating local raw materials. At the center of the design process are the raw material itself and the appreciation of its natural beauty.

Local materials include natural hand-collected Icelandic stones, seashells, horsehair, goat hair, and wool from Fljótsdalur valley.

These materials are accompanied by naturally dyed silk, recycled glass beads handmade by women in Africa, semi-precious gemstone beads, freshwater pearls, and other jewelry-making materials.

All chains, clasps, and earring parts are gold-filled. This gives the pieces a quality close to solid gold, but with more affordable pricing.



The love of high-quality silk fabrics and artisanal craft skills steer all textile choices!

Charma works with fabric producers in India to source ethically made fabrics for its products. The silk fabrics are made with traditional sericulture traditions and fair trade standards to make sure the products are as sustainable as possible.

Silk is a natural and sustainable fabric produced by silk moths. The traditional sericulture methods allow for an environmentally friendly fabric where everything is utilized and recycled and there is no need for toxic chemicals.


Natural materials

Alongside silk, Charma uses other natural materials like wool and cotton.

They are natural and breathable materials, and of course 100% biodegradable.



Did you know that the textile industry is the second largest cause of water pollution in the world? Read more here.